[time-nuts] HP E1938A Oscillator

Mark C. Stephens marks at non-stop.com.au
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Hi Perry, I have had good dealing with Tommy Chou, if anything is broken he will replace it.
But, the E1938's are a bit expensive at the moment.
I am going out on a limb here but the E1938 is about the nicest OCXO I have come across.
Probably some of the more recent stuff would be on par, but the E1938 are pretty darn nice.
There is also some control software for the E1938 on PCR88.com.


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I was looking on Ebay for some HP E1938A oscillators
What I found listed were:
HP E1938A 10 MHz Quartz Oscillator with EFC on PC board. $100 Fluke.l
HP E1938-60201 Ovenized Crystal Oscillator  (on a PC board) $100 Tomy Chou
HP E1938A Ovenized Crystal Oscillator  W/O a PC board for $50 and free shipping from  2010bluebook.
My question is thus:  What does the PC board do?  All I need is a HP EFC oscillator that would be better that my HP 10811-60111’s.
Do I need to worry that the E1938A’s without the board maybe of lessor quality than the others?
Fluke.l says his units are good but not stellar.  The other venders say they have tested the units and guarantee them to be good.  If so, would it get better with aging?
So what does the collective wisdom/experience of the group think?  TIA

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