[time-nuts] HP E1938A Oscillator

Graham / KE9H timenut at austin.rr.com
Fri Jul 5 09:05:18 EDT 2013

On 7/5/2013 12:23 AM, Perry Sandeen wrote:
> List,
> I was looking on Ebay for some HP E1938A
> oscillators
> What I found listed were:
> HP E1938A 10 MHz Quartz Oscillator with EFC on PC
> board. $100 Fluke.l
> HP E1938-60201 Ovenized Crystal Oscillator  (on a PC board) $100 Tomy Chou
> HP E1938A Ovenized Crystal Oscillator  W/O a PC board for $50 and free shipping from  2010bluebook.
> My question is thus:  What does the PC board do?  All I need is a HP EFC oscillator that would
> be better that my HP 10811-60111’s.
> Do I need to worry that the E1938A’s without the
> board maybe of lessor quality than the others?
> Fluke.l says his units are good but not stellar.  The other venders say they have tested the
> units and guarantee them to be good.  If
> so, would it get better with aging?
> So what does the collective wisdom/experience of
> the group think?  TIA
> Regards,
> Perrier

The E1938A is a microprocessor controlled and managed oscillator. 
Probably with a lot
of control/correction/compensation data stored on the processor board.

Does anyone have any interface (I/O) definitions for the stainless steel 
oscillator module?

For the processor control board?

Instructions on how to calibrate  and compensate it?

My impression is that it is a lot easier for an experimenter to manage 
an HP10811 oscillator
where you just put power on it and a signal comes out.

--- Graham / KE9H


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