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Isn't the VE2ZAZ circuit functionally equivalent to your example 3?  Granted, he's not picking the 10 millionth transition and checking its phase 
difference to the reference, but I've only got a 1PPS reference with a 
1uS or so jitter from pulse to pulse.  Bert is averaging over 16 
seconds, and creating a PWM signal to drive an integrator (simulating a DAC), which will drive a Trimble 34310-T.  And like I mentioned 
earlier, I just like the way Bert did it.  It has a kind of elegance 
that appeals to my inner hacker.  =)

Bob - AE6RV

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> [3] Describes how to use a clock
 synchronizer to build a GPSDO. Probably
> not the easiest and not the cheapest way, but definitly one with a very
> low parts count.
> [3] The AD9548 as a GPS Disciplined Stratum 2 Clock, by Gentile, 2009
> http://www.analog.com/static/imported-files/application_notes/AN-1002.pdf

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