[time-nuts] GPS receivers W/timing outputs greater than 1PPS

Mike M timenuts at binsamp.e4ward.com
Wed Jun 26 19:04:39 EDT 2013

  Mark C. Stephens
  Wed Jun 26 10:12:53 EDT 2013

  > RDR have some fantastic stuff.

  > But they won't ship outside of USA.

  > I have  tried everything but according to Mark  Cole  the manager,
  > "The loss  of  time  and   the  additional  risk  of international
  > shipping doesn't fit with our business profile"

  I don't  know  why   they   think   there  is  additional  risk with
  international shipments. Just send it with a signature required, and
  it has exactly the same risk as any ordinary shipment in the US. But
  a lot of vendors feel the same way.

  If you are in Canada, you can have them ship to a forwarder who will
  then ship  it across the border for you. Of course,  they  add their
  extra charge for the service.

  If you  are  outside the US and would like to  get  a  M12+, fluke.l
  sells them for $35.00 plus shipping. See

  Motorola ONCORE M12+T timing gps receiver 1pps 100hz


  I have  dealt with fluke.l for many years. His stuff is of  the very
  highest quality  and  he checks it  carefully  before  shipment. His
  prices are a bit higher than some others, but other vendors may ship
  you worthless junk like tool_nerd.

  fluke.l has  the  lab equipment and experience to  know  what  he is
  doing and  ships only the highest quality stuff. See  his  web store
  for example of his lab setup.

  But under no circumstance ever buy anything on eBay from tool_nerd.

  They ship  junk that has been badly abused. They failed  to  warn me
  that I had to modify a FE-5680A Rubidium oscillator in order  to get
  access to  the variable frequency output. Not only was this  a large
  amount of  work  to  drill all the  rivets  out,  it  risked getting
  shavings inside  the unit when drilling the case for  the  coax. The
  unit arrived  with deep gouges in the cover, indicating it  had been
  treated very badly.

  I told them I would not accept such crap, and wanted to send it back
  for refund.  They said OK, they would refund the entire  amount when
  it arrived.  I sent it to the exact address they gave  me,  and they
  refused to acknowledge receipt. In fact, they stopped replying to my
  emails when  it arrived. So I am out the $83.00 for  the  unit, plus
  the $20.00 postage. It would have cost far too much to send  it with
  a signature  required, but they convinced me they  were  very honest
  and would honor the agreement.

  I should  have never wasted my time and money. Don't  make  the same


  Mike M

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