[time-nuts] GPS Antenna Install

Martin A Flynn maflynn at theflynn.org
Sun Mar 10 11:19:58 EDT 2013

Sorry about the blank messages - not sure why I could not reply to my 
own message...

In any case,  thanks to the help from  kind folks on the list, the 
TS-2100L in in the rack at the N2MO amateur radio station at InfoAge.

The N2MO team spent yesterday doing the prep work to mount a 27dB 
antenna on the gable end of the building, using 1/2 heliax for feed 
line, with a Polyphaser  DGXZ + 06NFNF installed in the line before it 
enters the building.

The antenna mount pipe and the Polyphaser are grounded via #2 copper 
cable that will be exothermic welded to the ground rod.

Thanks again!

Martin Flynn

PS - Now that the precision time bug has bitten, the team, is 
considering a Rubidium standard!

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