[time-nuts] GPS Antenna Install

Don Latham djl at montana.com
Sat Mar 16 14:45:31 EDT 2013

Ah. Why bother with all that mess, 'specially if the ground rod is cad
plated instead of copper. The right clamp is cheap, and not likely to
start the whole surroundings on fire. yikes. There are codes for
grounding for both electrical as well as lightning systems. Do not
forget that separate grounds for the electrical system and the lightning
system are not a good idea. Think a tenth of an ohm and a few kv...


Martin A Flynn
> Exothermic weld = CadWeld.  See
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exothermic_welding
> On 3/16/2013 2:11 PM, Bob Camp wrote:
>> Hi
>> Better check the electrical code in your area. They likely are quite
>> specific about what you can and can't do with a proper ground
>> connection. Copper / copper welding generally means brazing or
>> soldering. Both are often prohibited due to the heat burst at the
>> joint during a lightning hit. That surprised me a bit the first time I
>> ran into it, but made sense once I dug out the explanation.
>> Bob
>> On Mar 16, 2013, at 1:42 PM, Don Latham <djl at montana.com> wrote:
>>> ground rods usually thin copper clad over steel. Better to use proper
>>> copper clad clamps with anticorrosion paste than to try to weld.
>>> Don
>>> Martin A Flynn
>>>> On 3/10/2013 11:18 AM, Martin A Flynn wrote:
>>>>> Sorry about the blank messages - not sure why I could not reply to
>>>>> my
>>>>> own message...
>>>>> In any case,  thanks to the help from  kind folks on the list, the
>>>>> TS-2100L in in the rack at the N2MO amateur radio station at
>>>>> InfoAge.
>>>>> The N2MO team spent yesterday doing the prep work to mount a 27dB
>>>>> antenna on the gable end of the building, using 1/2 heliax for feed
>>>>> line, with a Polyphaser  DGXZ + 06NFNF installed in the line before
>>>>> it
>>>>> enters the building.
>>>>> The antenna mount pipe and the Polyphaser are grounded via #2
>>>>> copper
>>>>> cable that will be exothermic welded to the ground rod.
>>>>> Thanks again!
>>>>> Martin Flynn
>>>>> PS - Now that the precision time bug has bitten, the team, is
>>>>> considering a Rubidium standard!
>>>> Precision time novice needing help !   We have chance to upgrade
>>>> (replace) our existing TS-2100-L with a TS2100-GPS system with the
>>>> rubidium option.
>>>> What questions should we be asking the seller?
>>>> *    Is there a method to determine the lamp hours from the console?
>>>> *    Software vintage that corrects the 1PPS issue (or is it
>>>> relevant)?
>>>> While InfoAge is a huge site, it is not a huge budget!
>>>> Martin
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