[time-nuts] GPS Antenna Install

Peter Gottlieb nerd at verizon.net
Sat Mar 16 15:10:07 EDT 2013

With lightning it is the very high current and the fast rise time that gets you.

So yes, a tenth of an ohm can develop 1 kV across it with a big direct hit.

Having the best surge strip made won't help you if its cord and the output cords 
are all in a single heap together as they will nicely couple to each other, 
bypassing the protection.

On 3/16/2013 2:45 PM, Don Latham wrote:
> Ah. Why bother with all that mess, 'specially if the ground rod is cad
> plated instead of copper. The right clamp is cheap, and not likely to
> start the whole surroundings on fire. yikes. There are codes for
> grounding for both electrical as well as lightning systems. Do not
> forget that separate grounds for the electrical system and the lightning
> system are not a good idea. Think a tenth of an ohm and a few kv...
> Don
> Don
> Martin A Flynn
>> Exothermic weld = CadWeld.  See
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exothermic_welding
>> On 3/16/2013 2:11 PM, Bob Camp wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> Better check the electrical code in your area. They likely are quite
>>> specific about what you can and can't do with a proper ground
>>> connection. Copper / copper welding generally means brazing or
>>> soldering. Both are often prohibited due to the heat burst at the
>>> joint during a lightning hit. That surprised me a bit the first time I
>>> ran into it, but made sense once I dug out the explanation.
>>> Bob
>>> On Mar 16, 2013, at 1:42 PM, Don Latham <djl at montana.com> wrote:
>>>> ground rods usually thin copper clad over steel. Better to use proper
>>>> copper clad clamps with anticorrosion paste than to try to weld.
>>>> Don
>>>> Martin A Flynn
>>>>> On 3/10/2013 11:18 AM, Martin A Flynn wrote:
>>>>>> Sorry about the blank messages - not sure why I could not reply to
>>>>>> my
>>>>>> own message...
>>>>>> In any case,  thanks to the help from  kind folks on the list, the
>>>>>> TS-2100L in in the rack at the N2MO amateur radio station at
>>>>>> InfoAge.
>>>>>> The N2MO team spent yesterday doing the prep work to mount a 27dB
>>>>>> antenna on the gable end of the building, using 1/2 heliax for feed
>>>>>> line, with a Polyphaser  DGXZ + 06NFNF installed in the line before
>>>>>> it
>>>>>> enters the building.
>>>>>> The antenna mount pipe and the Polyphaser are grounded via #2
>>>>>> copper
>>>>>> cable that will be exothermic welded to the ground rod.
>>>>>> Thanks again!
>>>>>> Martin Flynn
>>>>>> PS - Now that the precision time bug has bitten, the team, is
>>>>>> considering a Rubidium standard!
>>>>> Precision time novice needing help !   We have chance to upgrade
>>>>> (replace) our existing TS-2100-L with a TS2100-GPS system with the
>>>>> rubidium option.
>>>>> What questions should we be asking the seller?
>>>>> *    Is there a method to determine the lamp hours from the console?
>>>>> *    Software vintage that corrects the 1PPS issue (or is it
>>>>> relevant)?
>>>>> While InfoAge is a huge site, it is not a huge budget!
>>>>> Martin
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