[time-nuts] Is possible precise 1pps?

Attila Kinali attila at kinali.ch
Wed Mar 20 08:48:59 EDT 2013

On Mon, 18 Mar 2013 09:21:57 +0100
"Pieter ten Pierick" <time-nuts-mail at tenpierick.com> wrote:

> > The -T models are not that expensive. The problem is that you have to
> > buy them in batches >30 to get down to a reasonable price. U-blox seems
> > to have taken the stance, that small buyers are not really benefitial to
> > their business (which is understandable when you can sell millions of
> > pieces on the chinese market). But they nevertheless support these small
> > buyers trough their webshop where you can buy single pieces (which is far
> > better than most manufacturers who do not sell single pieces at all).
> Sounds like a time-nuts group buy?

Tried that a year or two ago. Did even get a "special" price from u-blox
that would usually need higher volumes, but it didn't take off.

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