[time-nuts] OT - DC-10 gyros

kb0ebg at juno.com kb0ebg at juno.com
Wed Mar 27 21:44:50 EDT 2013

Bill Ezell;

Your Gyro may require 3 phase, 400 cps, 28 vac, Sine wave.

A simple "Buffered Phase Shift Oscillator" for 400 cps can create the Sine Wave.
https://www.circuitlab.com/circuit/h6v28g/buffered-phase-shift-oscillator/https://www.circuitlab.com/circuit/bakd83/phase-shift-oscillator-ii/You will need to add an AGC to the output for frequency stability.
A "3 Phase Generator" can create the 3 phase output.https://www.circuitlab.com/circuit/m4u5nw/3-phase-generator/ Add 3 Amplifiers (one for each phase) to reach voltage/power.
If the Gyro is directional, it will take several hours to stabilize.

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