[time-nuts] OT - DC-10 gyros

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 27 22:54:45 EDT 2013

On 3/27/13 3:20 PM, Bob Camp wrote:

> Eight ohms at 28 volts would be just a bit under 4 amps. It's also
> right at 100 watts. I'd be very surprised it you need anywhere near
> that much current. You probably want a pure sine wave to keep
> everything happy. A lot of the simple inverters are "sort of" sine
> waves. I think I'd vote for something like an cheap audio amp driven
> by a nice clean / stable 400 Hz tone.

So, if I take my nice clean 10 MHz, rig up a counter that counts to 
25,000, and a suitable PROM and DAC... (or run a DDS chip)... I think 
that would be a "clean and stable" 400 Hz.

Of course, for the more mechanically inclined.. what about a big 
flywheel driving an alternator.  You might be able to rejigger a car 
alternator.  I don't recall how many poles they have..you might have to 
spin it pretty fast.

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