[time-nuts] Distribution amps for Thub=nderbolt and David partridges divider box?

Chris Wilson chris at chriswilson.tv
Thu May 9 07:01:49 EDT 2013

  09/05/2013 11:58

If I get a Extron ADA 3-80 distribution amp, will it be able to run on
both the 10MHz T/Bolt output, AND on the outputs of one of David
Partridge's nice divider boxes I have. It It divides from the 10 MHz
input. There are separate outputs for 10 MHz, 5 MHz, 1 MHz, and one
that can be configured for 100 kHz / 10 kHz / 1 kHz / 100 Hz / 10 Hz /
1 Hz.

If not, is there anything available?


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