[time-nuts] Trimble Resolution T versus Motorola Oncore UT+

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Sun May 12 22:09:27 EDT 2013

Hi Bob,

On 13/05/13 01:33, Bob Camp wrote:
> Hi
> They have been through a number of re-do's since the original Motorola designs. I suspect they will keep making software compatible parts as long as people keep buying enough of them for it to make sense. I'm sure that at some point the tooling cost will indeed exceed the expected revenue. Without a look at their books, no idea how long that will be….

It is not only re-tooling, a various amount of re-design can be 
involved. The investment to keep the product alive needs to be balanced 
with expected profit, such that it can be reasonably be seen that there 
is a profit after all the expenses have been paid off. If not sufficient 
profit, kill it, as it is the economical decision. Naturally, there can 
be side aspects which is only indirectly tied to the product, such as 
selling more of something you have good profit on, just because you can 
sell some of that product with it. So, sufficient future profit against 
the money you spend to keep the product alive.


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