[time-nuts] Austron / Datum 2200 Antenna

Mark C. Stephens marks at non-stop.com.au
Tue May 14 03:02:30 EDT 2013

I have just scored myself the oddest looking Austron 2200 GPS Satellite Receiver.
It's a 3RU chassis, the service manual I got from K04BB's excellent site seems to only describe the 1 and 2 RU.

Fortunately this comes with manuals which will be sent off to be scanned.

However, it didn't come with the antenna/down convertor.
I did a search of the time nuts history and apparently someone was offering these antenna for sale.
But it seems it was a dead end.

Failing one of the time nuts supplying me an antenna (anybody have a spare assembly they can sell me?)
How often do the 2200 type antenna come up on Ebay?

Many thanks,

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