[time-nuts] Austron / Datum 2200 Antenna

mike cook mc235960 at gmail.com
Tue May 14 03:23:49 EDT 2013

Le 14 mai 2013 à 09:02, Mark C. Stephens a écrit :

> I have just scored myself the oddest looking Austron 2200 GPS Satellite Receiver.
> It's a 3RU chassis, the service manual I got from K04BB's excellent site seems to only describe the 1 and 2 RU.
> Fortunately this comes with manuals which will be sent off to be scanned.
> However, it didn't come with the antenna/down convertor.
> I did a search of the time nuts history and apparently someone was offering these antenna for sale.
> But it seems it was a dead end.

don't know where this went, but:

from the archives back in 2011 tvb said

Hi group.

I've been contacted by a helpful person who is willing to undertake

"If I can get enough interest, there's a real possibility that
better-than-original Downconverter Antenna Units for Austron
GPS can be manufactured for me.

Applies to all known Austron GPS Receivers such as 2200,
2200A, 2201, 2201A and variants.

These units all send 15 volts and 10Mhz to the antenna unit
which multiplies this and uses it to derive a local oscillator
signal of 1500MHz in the antenna unit itself.

1575.42MHz - 1500 MHz = 75.42MHz which is sent back
down the coax from the antenna unit to the gps rx.

(All these receivers are useless without the downconverter
antenna - and there have to be lots of 'em in the hands of
time nuts)"

If you have questions or are interested in participating, please


> Failing one of the time nuts supplying me an antenna (anybody have a spare assembly they can sell me?)
> How often do the 2200 type antenna come up on Ebay?
> Many thanks,
> mark
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