[time-nuts] OCXO shock protection

Frederick Bray fwbray at mminternet.com
Sun May 19 23:10:58 EDT 2013

That is an interesting question.  I am in the greater LA area and have 
several pieces of test gear with OCXO's.  I have never taken any 
precautions other than making sure that the gear can't fall off the 
shelf or bench.  Then again, I may not be doing things to time-nuts 

There are a couple of fairly simple shock mount options that I can think 
of if you want to pursue this.  One is to pick up a couple of military 
surplus Hardigg cases that have the 19 inch shock mount racks in them.  
You could mount the gear in the case or remove the rack and mount it 
elsewhere.  If you just want to do shock mounting for a a single piece 
of gear, you might take a look at surplussales.com as they have a number 
of shock mounts.

As one other person mentioned, the big thing is to secure shelves and 
racks to the wall.  If you have ever seen any of the earthquake 
simulations where they put full-size room models on shake tables, you 
will notice that one of the issues is that the walls will slap against 
book shelves, knocking them over.


On 5/19/2013 7:16 PM, Perry Sandeen wrote:
> All,
> We will be moving to southern California in the
> near future.
> My question if for people who live in that area is
> do you need to do additional shock mounting for OCXO’s because of the ongoing,
> usually minor,  earth tremors that take
> place?

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