[time-nuts] Downsizing dilemma, HP 3335A

Mark C. Stephens marks at non-stop.com.au
Thu May 23 07:17:07 EDT 2013

Bill, they are keepers,

The internal tracking generator makes them very useful for tuning/designing filters..
Also, Shh  don't tell anyone, some of the boards are the same as the legendary 3325A.
Quite often I have board I need in a scrapped 3335A's when repairing 3325A's.
Quick fix mate ;)


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I have three HP 3335A synthesizers, one with the telecom connector option.
At one time two of them worked, but not now. All power up.

It is time to downsize for the move to a retirement living community.
Should I try to repair these units, or have they become curiosities because they only go to 80 MHz?

Bill Hawkins

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