[time-nuts] Morion MV89 and LTC6957

WarrenS warrensjmail-one at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 6 13:49:20 EST 2013

One thing to be aware of on the MV89 is that it is a 5 MHz osc that uses a 
freq doubler.
On the ones I've tested, without further filtering, every other cycle's 
period is different by ~ 1 ns or so.
For a time nut that likes to see < 1ps jitter, it is a whole lot of cycle to 
cycle edge jitter that shows up on any signal that is divided down by a non 
2 to n divider.
The second thing I've seen is that the output Cap is open in a large number 
of them.


Hello there,

I'm trying to build a low phase noise signal generator with a Morion MV89 
OCXO. ( http://www.morion.com.ru/catalog_pdf/MV89-OCXO.pdf )
The 10 MHz Sine coming from the MV89 shall be converted to a 10 MHz 
rectangle with the LTC6957-3 ( 
http://cds.linear.com/docs/en/datasheet/6957f.pdf ).
Since the information in the MV89's data sheet is rather thin and shipping 
is taking a lot longer than expected/promised, I thought I'd ask if someone 
here has any experience with it and maybe can answer some questions I 

1. Does anyone know if the MV89 is internally AC coupled / if the Output 
Sine has an Offset?

2. I'm not sure if termination is needed in this case or which way to 
terminate would be best for a low phase noise/low jitter application. Can 
anyone give me some hints to what would be important?

Thanks a lot! 

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