[time-nuts] I can't get a nice waveform from my rubidium !

cfo xnews3 at luna.dyndns.dk
Thu Apr 17 15:16:03 EDT 2014

On Thu, 17 Apr 2014 06:32:52 +0100, Claude Fender wrote:

> My
>  unit has two outputs with no options. The problem is the shape of the
> waveform (see attachments), it's the same shape for the two outputs.
> When I
>  connect an output directly to the oscilloscope, the shape is nearly
> "squared" and when I use a probe, the shape is nearly "sine" !

According to the pict , the low output is supposed to be a CMOS square

Is it called A10-R ?

But termination would as other say be an issue.
Dig into your drawer and pull out a BNC-T , and one of those 50ohm 
termination resistors you know you saved , when you were running old coax 
based ehternet on rg-58 cable.

Have saved me a few times on my Rigol that hasn't got 50 termination 
built in.

Else use your freq counter as termination , it ought to have 50ohm 
termination. BNC-T on scope , rubi on one end of tee , and counter on 
other end of tee (50 ohm terminated).


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