[time-nuts] Lucent KS-24361 15 Mhz and 10 Mhz

Götz Romahn goetz at g-romahn.de
Mon Dec 1 06:25:41 EST 2014

@ Paul
yes pin 1 of U206 is the input of a schmitt-trigger ( xxACT14 ) where 
the rectangular 10 MHz output on the Ref-0 Modul is generated.

@ David
10 MHz is not available on the Ref-1 module, the one with antenna input 
(yea, but it is still at pin 1 of U206).


Am 01.12.2014 04:09, :
> OK so it was not as hard as I thought getting all of teh screws out. The
> harder part is getting the actual board to slip out of the back.
> After getting to the bottom I found a locked 10 Mhz signal on U206 pin 1
> somewhat of a sine wave but compressed top and bottom at 5 V and pin 2 a
> squared up version. Pin 1 goes off to several transistors. Also I have not
> looked at the rest of u206.
> So good or bad a tracking 10 Mhz exists. Not so easy to get to frankly.
> Regards
> Paul
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