[time-nuts] Any tutorial available for Lady Heather displays?

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Wed Dec 3 02:28:56 EST 2014

mflawson2 at cox.net said:
> I want to learn more in general about timing, deviation, steering, GPSDO's,
> etc., 

Many years ago, I learned a lot by reading the manual for the Z3801A.  It's 
an owners/operators manual rather than a tutorial, but you can learn a lot by 
reading between the lines.  There is a ham radio web site with a lot of good 
info, including the manual and a good story that goes with a tour through the 

There are also several HP app notes and articles in the HP Journal.  One 
covers the history: GPSDOs started as a way for power companies to figure out 
where lightning had hit their lines.  All you have to do is measure the time 
the breakers trip accurately enough and you can drive the repair truck to the 
correct tower.

The TBolt documentation probably covers a lot of the same ground.  I think 
it's split over several documents.  The protocol documentation might be a bit 
thick, but again, you can learn a lot by reading between the lines.

For general fun reading about timing, I recommend:
  Time Too Good to Be True, Daniel Kleppner
  Physics Today, March 2006, page 10

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