[time-nuts] Any tutorial available for Lady Heather displays?

mflawson2 at cox.net mflawson2 at cox.net
Tue Dec 2 19:16:27 EST 2014

Hi, I'm a new time nut -- first posting...
For us newbie time nuts, is there any explanation on all the detailed data 
that's available in Lady Heather? 
I'm connected to a Trimble Resolution T.  I understand some basic things like 
ADEV, but I can't find any explanations online for all the other data I'm seeing 
on the screen.  For instance, what's the slowly-moving magenta sawtooth wave? 
I searched both the Lady Heather documentation and the time-nuts archive, but to 
no avail. 
I want to learn more in general about timing, deviation, steering, GPSDO's, 
etc., but Lady Heather seems to assume you know that all the data  means 
Thanks for any info!

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