[time-nuts] 10 MHz oscillators vs 100 MHZ

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Wed Dec 3 17:07:11 EST 2014

For the low noise  nuts, here are some modern techniques . 
At the moment I  am looking at 1/f noise , or better how to keep it low. 
I am supervision  an dissertation on this topic and I am happy to get some 
73 de Ulrich   
U. L. Rohde and  A. K. Poddar, “Method Minimizes Noise in VCXOs”, 
Microwave & RF, Nov  2011. 
U. L. Rohde and  A. K. Poddar, “Techniques Minimize the Phase Noise in 
Crystal Oscillators”, 2012  IEEE FCS, pp. 01-07, May 2012 
U. L. Rohde and  A. K. Poddar, “'Electromagnetic Interference and Start-up 
Dynamics in High  Frequency Crystal Oscillator Circuits,”, 2010 IEEE 
International Frequency  Control Symposium, June 01-04, 2010, California, USA. 
U. L. Rohde and A. K.  Poddar, “Impact of Radiated EMI in High Frequency 
Crystal Oscillator”, IEEE  MTT-S Digest, May 2010. 

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What a  pleasant surprise to see Ulrich post on Time-nuts. We spoke many
years ago  on radio on as I recall an opening on 2 meters FM.
I have to agree with  Azelio for many of us it is the other way around. We
would learn as we do  from many of the other excellent Time-nuts mentors.
Best regards  Ulrich

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