[time-nuts] LTE-Lite

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Dec 5 02:04:38 EST 2014

David it always does a survey. Though even while doing that the frequency
output is fine after its had a bit to stabilize. I wanted to bring the
survey lamp out to a front panel LED however that appeared to be more work
and risk then the value.
The documentation says that from time to time it will do a re-survey.
Frankly my units racked and stacked with dividers filters and line drivers
for various frequencies I am using and its running very very smoothly.

By the way at a huge power consumption of 1-3 watts. The power mete doesn't
read well at this level.

Thanks, Paul.  I had rather hoped that there might be some EEPROM in one of 
the chips where the data was stored, oh well!  I wonder just how long "a bit 
to stabilize" takes?  I might have mine on 24 x 7, but I might not...

My survey LED has still not gone out despite the unit being on overnight, 
and the Alarm LED is lit, so I wish there was a way of relaxing the survey 
constraints a little to get the survey complete.  Viewing the NMEA output 
with either Visual GPS or the U-blox software suggests that, despite good 
signals, the unit is only getting lock half the time.  The positions it 
produces are correct.  I read in the documentation that the serial/USB data 
is output only, though.

(I was wrong on the 10 MHz output being 20 MHz, I forget my other reference 
was 5 MHz.)

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