[time-nuts] Wenzel 100 MHz Oscillators (w/ EFC) available

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Fri Dec 5 18:51:39 EST 2014

John & Skip,
as I am getting 5 such oscillators, I will open 2 or three (after  
measurements of the PN ) and apply some magic...
To build something like this mechanically will be tough. The technology and 
 circuit design will have changed a lot in 10 + years, so I will try. 
Opening the units may be the tough part.
73 de Ulrich 
I  have a few of the 500-6769 parts here, and measured a couple of them 
awhile  back:

Not a bad price at  all.  If a $2000 OCXO can achieve -140 dBc/Hz at 100 Hz 
and a $50 OCXO will  do -117, that's almost 10 dB better than the expected 
20*log10($2000 / $50)  ratio. :)

-- john, KE5FX
Miles Design LLC

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I can  measure all things, if you need help, tell me  !
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Hello Ulrich,
The units have been paid for and are being sent Priority Mail.   Pleasure 
doing business with you.
If you have any feedback on what the phase noise does look like I would  
certainly be interested in the data.
Skip Withrow

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> wrote:

Skip, can I have 5 , mail to me , how would you like to  get paid ?
Can I give you our FedEx number .
Thanks, Ulrich 
 Ulrich L. Rohde,  Ph.D.
Synergy Microwave Corporation   
201  McLean Boulevard 
Paterson, NJ   07504 
Phone:  _973-881-8800_ (tel:973-881-8800)  
Fax:  _973-881-1924_ (tel:973-881-1924)  

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Hello  time-nuts,

Please excuse the blatantly commercial announcement, I  generally keep
business matters off the list, but I have some Wenzel  oscillators that may
be of interest to time-nuts and wanted to give  you first crack at them.

These are Wenzel 500-06769 units, custom  number for Harris used in
microwave radios.  Output is 100MHz at  +20dBm.  Supply input is +12 volts
DC (about 500mA at  start).  EFC runs between 0.5V and 4.5V with  positive
coefficient and is about 335Hz/V.

Unit is in standard  2" x 2" x .75" package.  Output connector is female  

These would make great units for synthesizer and DDS  projects.  I don't
have the ability to measure the phase noise,  but should be relatively good
as they were used at microwave  frequencies in their past life.

I'm asking $50 each for them and  $7 (any quantity) Priority Mail shipping
to U.S. addresses  only.  If you would like one (or more) please PayPal to
_paypal at rdrelectronics.com_ (mailto:paypal at rdrelectronics.com) .  I have 
attached a  picture of one unit with the

Skip  Withrow
RDR Electronics, Inc.
_303-790-1830_ (tel:303-790-1830)  8am-5pm  M-F

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