[time-nuts] Beaglebone NTP server

folkert folkert at vanheusden.com
Sun Dec 7 15:10:59 EST 2014

> I prefer the Beaglebone to the Pi because of the silly USB glitch but out
> of three BBBs only one will run for more than a month without wedging.
> This may be because I run Debian but as with the Pi USB bug it's not much
> comfort when the box fails.  The Pi I use as an NTP server ran for 4 months
> and developed a filesystem error.  It's been up two months post-repair.  If
> I depended on a server built around a dev board I'd be careful to make the
> SDcard/eMMC read-only and build more than one.

Regarding the fs error: consider replacing ext3 for f2fs. F2fs does
software wear leveling.

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