[time-nuts] Datum ts2100 gps error code 41: New clone ace III

Electric Cat s_man80 at inbox.ru
Mon Dec 8 01:26:18 EST 2014

Hal Murray <hmurray at ...> writes:

> normanlizeth at ... said:
> I also have a pair of small boards that I don't have any info on.
> PCB says Trimble,  39818-00-C.  The 00 is written in by hand.
> There is a big chip on the bottom that says Trimble.  144 quad flatpack.
> Anybody recognize that?

Well, this is Trimble Lassen ACE-III board. I have some of them. You could 
connect them to your system via 8-pin connector. There are two serial 
channels (one is for TSIP protocol, another is for NMEA), voltage levels 
are CMOS and you should power the board with 5 volts. You can take the 
pinout from Lassen LP board.

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