[time-nuts] Minicircuits specs

Gerhard Hoffmann dk4xp at arcor.de
Mon Dec 8 14:50:18 EST 2014

Am 08.12.2014 um 19:26 schrieb Richard (Rick) Karlquist:
> Please Gerhard, more details on your choke
> (medium size red Amidon core & two 220 uH Siemens chokes).
> Maybe I can use it for 160 meter antennas.
Siemens Chokes:  yellow, 5.5mm dia, 27 mm long, a single ferrite rod
with a lot of turns. They still have the S&H logo, must be >> 20 years old
221.9 uH  Q=17 at 100 KHz, measured on the 4274A impedance meter.

Amidon: Red, the usual 80m material, 20.5mm o.d. 17 turns 0.5mm CuAg
1.962 uH Q=24 at 100 KHz

pic of the inductors at

The board in the background is my 5/10 MHz buffer, NIST FET doubler with 
distribution amplifier 4 * 12 dBm based on AD8009 / LMH6702, in statu 
Yesterday I drew & etched the board, at the moment I'm just populating it.
All 0603, sot23-5 and the like. Size is just 32 * 68 mm without the 
protruding SMAs.

The next picture is how the Lucent RFTG-u REF1 looks with the board 
mounted inside.

And many thanks to the people who wrote up  how to power up the Lucent.
It has helped me a lot.

regards, Gerhard, dk4xp

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