[time-nuts] Minicircuits specs

Richard (Rick) Karlquist richard at karlquist.com
Mon Dec 8 13:26:30 EST 2014

Please Gerhard, more details on your choke
(medium size red Amidon core & two 220 uH Siemens chokes).
Maybe I can use it for 160 meter antennas.

Your T1-1 measurements make sense according to
my experience with these things.  The "-6"
series (T1-6, etc) has larger cores and should
withstand more DC.  (I like to take apart
MCL stuff to see what is inside; very enlightening).
I always use the -6 series for 160 meter work.

Thanks, 73

Rick Karlquist N6RK

On 12/7/2014 10:14 PM, Gerhard Hoffmann wrote:
> Am 29.11.2014 um 20:01 schrieb Gerhard Hoffmann:

> DG8SAQ VNWA, my best DC block from PSPL because it also has the
> lowest lower corner. It took some experimenting to find a choke that
> would not modify S21 and carry the current. Finally: a medium size
> red Amidon core & two 220uH Siemens chokes with a looong air gap.

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