[time-nuts] PRS-45A is alive!

Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
Tue Dec 9 11:45:12 EST 2014

Hi Bert,
Thanks for the comments.  I did learn today that this was a recent pull, so that explains why it came up well.  I hope you'll understand my reluctance to start making adapters and doing direct measurements on the thing.  One of my next steps is to get it to talk to me.  Unfortunately, I'm out of serial ports, so I've got to wait till this evening until I can rewire my GPSDO to accept a USB adapter to free up my RS-232.


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16 Minutes is normal. First FTS tubes do not leak as much as the old HP  
tubes. Second the seller most likely did run a test which means the tube was  
pumped down. 
Unless there is software that tells beam current the only way I know to get 
 some idea of health of tube is as I mentioned before measure the beam 
current. I  have probably done it at least a hundred times, made a connector 
Bert Kehren
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bob at evoria.net writes:

Well,  it's alive, and I even have 10MHz coming from it.  It took about 16  
minutes to go to lock.  Is that good, or doesn't matter?  Now I've  got to 
put together a serial cable and see if I can talk to it and find out  how it 
thinks it's doing.  But, this is  good!


Hope  you enjoy the wall decorations.  =)

Bob -  AE6RV
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