[time-nuts] Linear voltage regulator hints...

Dan Kemppainen dan at irtelemetrics.com
Tue Dec 9 11:57:28 EST 2014

Hi All,

Thanks for the responses. I had a feeling the answer wouldn't be good, 
but was hoping someone would have a suggestion. There are currently a 
bunch of regulators in the 'system'. If there were some really good 
regulator out there, the shotgun approach would apply...

Of course it is difficult to provide a good reference and pass 
transistor on the same die, but it was worth asking.


The thought of temp control of the regulators crossed my mind. Not 
planning on going there unless I need to. But it was a thought, maybe if 
all else fails...


 > There are more modern parts with lower close in noise. Linear 
Technology has a number of them. Your filter caps take out the broadband 
stuff, close in is all that really matters.

Got any hints on which ones? Maybe a nice quiet regulator can be 
'disciplined' with a better reference.


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