[time-nuts] PRS-45A

Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
Tue Dec 9 18:22:34 EST 2014

Subject changed, as I inadvertently stole Dan's thread.

Hi Bob Camp,
You wrote: "Looks perfectly normal to me. Your Cs is sensitive to magnetic field. Have you “zeroed” it out? No of course not, nobody does. (almost nobody …). "

What does it mean to "zero out the magnetic field" for a Cs?  Sounds like I need to align something to local magnetic north.  What?  I suspect that figuring out a way to mount it to the wall (no rack system here) is going to be my next priority.  It can't safely live on my bench or the floor with all those perforations in the case covers.

The people at Symmetricom indicated I should be able to download the monitor software, but the registration process seems to take some time.  Hopefully that gets resolved soon.
Having this thing hooked up just for this short time has pointed out some problems that I couldn't see without a reference that I trusted.



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