[time-nuts] Beaglebone NTP server

Simon Marsh subscriptions at burble.com
Thu Dec 11 03:12:52 EST 2014

> Getting a BBB to take 10MHz refclk input (in the fashion of
> http://www.febo.com/pages/soekris/)
> and being able to timestamp _multiple_ PPS signals via the PRUs would
> make for a pretty awesome time-nuts toy.

This is quite do-able and I posted a few weeks ago with the details of 
where to poke the soldering iron.

Once you attach a bit of coax the only limit is how deep your pockets 
are, you can use whatever reference you want to clock the BBB. An OXCO 
will likely provide the best performance for most of us (for the same 
reasons as using one in a GPSDO).

For kicks, I ran my BBB locked directly to a GPS module for a short 
while. That is, using a x12 PLL to create 24mhz from a ublox module 
configured to output 2mhz. (I don't recommend anyone actually uses this 
configuration btw, but it was fun to actually see it work)



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