[time-nuts] Beaglebone NTP server

Paul tic-toc at bodosom.net
Thu Dec 11 10:48:09 EST 2014

On Thu, Dec 11, 2014 at 10:33 AM, Jim Lux <jimlux at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Most national labs are more like time-nuts hobbyists for many of the same
> reasons.
> A big business (think cellphone provider) depreciates and amortizes their
> gear, so they cycle through in 3-5 years, and *build the update process
> into the budget*. They also buy in large quantities.

I was overly brief.  A good example would Windows XP.  Support from
Microsoft stopped in April or whenever.  Except for the people with
contracts that said it didn't.

And some part of my brain knows that time distribution from NIST (I think
NIST not the Navy) is contracted out which presumably pushes all the
maintenance problems onto the contractor.

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