[time-nuts] Beaglebone NTP server

Brian Lloyd brian at lloyd.aero
Thu Dec 11 11:11:21 EST 2014

Discussing the lifetime of NTP server hardware is all well and good but
given the thrust of this list, i.e. individual time-nuttery, I don't see it
as being too germane. Few of us have the same problems that Jim Lux has at

I want to have a good time and frequency source in my little network that I
run. I can put an extra BBB or two aside to run NTP. Eventually I will want
to replace it but I bet that there will be an adequate SBC and free OS to
do that when need arises.

So, I am still looking for a straight-forward, "here is a really good way
to use a BBB coupled to a GPS 1pps to do NTP," treatise. Better still if
someone is using their LTE-lite to do it. It seems like a nice little
package for the amateur time-nut for everyday time and frequency keeping.

Oh, and if it has nixie tubes to display current time, umso besser! After
all, I still need to set my old-style watch and a few mechanical
chronographs I have kicking around.

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