[time-nuts] 58503a and Yixunhk

ed briggs edbriggs at outlook.com
Sat Dec 13 13:08:07 EST 2014

I’ve never had a problem with this vendor.  I’ve purchased a Z3801a, and a Z3805a and both work fine, and I have the equipment to measure that.  I’ve also purchased several items of agilent test gear from this vendor, and they all worked fine, and were accompanied by a test and calibration form which was accurate.  On two occasions when I’ve had questions, I sent mail and received prompt answers.

I’m sorry to hear you are having difficulties with your 58503a, but on the basis of my experience, I would not call this vendor disreputable, as others seem to be suggesting.  I’d suggest sending him an email.  If you have to return the unit, I suspect he’ll honor the return terms and conditions which accompanied the offering.  If you are having problems with the DC-DC converter, you might also point that out to him since he seems to have parts from time to time.

Others may have had other experiences, but my experiences with this vendor have all been positive. 


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