[time-nuts] 58503a and Yixunhk

Gregory Maxwell gmaxwell at gmail.com
Sat Dec 13 21:25:43 EST 2014

On Sun, Dec 14, 2014 at 1:38 AM, Adrian <rfnuts at arcor.de> wrote:
> Same here. I have a Z3805A from this vendor that works flawlessly, and I
> know of other people that purchased from him without any problems.
> To call it a cam when a HP unit comes with a remanufactured box is quite
> a harsh statement, IMHO.
> I'm glad they are putting those ugly units into a neat and practical box
> that is made with attention to every detail.

Almost $800 for a box that arrived full of rust (and faulty to boot)
is a bit crazy though.

I bought a z3805a (in an ugly old rackmount case) from this seller for
$180 a while back and it works great. I expected it to be beaten up
old surplus stuff, and it was but still quite functional. I wouldn't
be shocked if thats whats getting remade here.

I did so after researching the seller somewhat (he's been mentioned on
time-nuts a few times before) and knowing what I was getting into...
e.g. that it would be some surplus with some amount crap-shoot
potential, but that he was also experienced in selling these things.

Opened it up and checked for rust, because water damage had been
specifically cited in some other post.

Indeed, when I got it, I first tossed it on a somewhat inadequate
power supply and had it not come up... he responded quickly and
competently to my message and offered a replacement if it was bad.

All that said, I'd think I'd be pretty torqued if I'd bought the $800
box and got a box of rust. There is something unethical about making
somethings external condition not match the internal condition and
selling it for a high price... unless it's clearly marked as a
re-manufacturing of surplus hardware.

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