[time-nuts] 58503a and Yixunhk

Adrian rfnuts at arcor.de
Sat Dec 13 20:38:39 EST 2014

Same here. I have a Z3805A from this vendor that works flawlessly, and I
know of other people that purchased from him without any problems.

To call it a cam when a HP unit comes with a remanufactured box is quite
a harsh statement, IMHO.

I'm glad they are putting those ugly units into a neat and practical box
that is made with attention to every detail.


ed briggs schrieb:
> I’ve never had a problem with this vendor.  I’ve purchased a Z3801a, and a Z3805a and both work fine, and I have the equipment to measure that.  I’ve also purchased several items of agilent test gear from this vendor, and they all worked fine, and were accompanied by a test and calibration form which was accurate.  On two occasions when I’ve had questions, I sent mail and received prompt answers.
> I’m sorry to hear you are having difficulties with your 58503a, but on the basis of my experience, I would not call this vendor disreputable, as others seem to be suggesting.  I’d suggest sending him an email.  If you have to return the unit, I suspect he’ll honor the return terms and conditions which accompanied the offering.  If you are having problems with the DC-DC converter, you might also point that out to him since he seems to have parts from time to time.
> Others may have had other experiences, but my experiences with this vendor have all been positive. 
> ed
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