[time-nuts] Fake 58503

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Sun Dec 14 09:53:55 EST 2014

Fellow time-nuts,

I have seen the long debate about the fake 58503s. Maybe we should take 
a step back and think a little about that. Why does someone rebuild say 
Z3801s into 58503s? Because somehow they are expected to have a higher 
value, and therefore there is a profit to be made in doing so.

Why is there a higher value? Because the potential buys have made that 
decision, sub-consciously. There is a few differences, but to some 
degree they are superficial.

If you want to reduce the likelihood of being fooled by fakes, then 
don't raise certain "magic number" boxes to the skies and prices with it.

I could make better use of my Z3801A if I did a few mods myself, beyond 
the modification from RS422 to RS232. Honest mods and upgrades is one 
thing we might encourage rather than encourage the fakes.

I too have considered the 58503, but consider the price disproportionate 
to what the Z3801A gives me.

So, let's stop this thread of hurt feelings, while it has been 
interesting and enlightening, we can't get very much more right now. 
Let's open our boxes and try to see the modifications we can do, collect 
them on a webpage for everyone to enjoy and use, and be done with it.


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