[time-nuts] Frequency distribution isolation transformers YCL 20F001n arrived

paul swed paulswedb at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 11:18:07 EST 2014

Another Time-nut suggested the use of 10 baseT ethernet transformers for 10
MHz isolation that he pulls from old ethernet boards. The 20F001n. These
are available from UTSource on ebay at 90 cents each NOS. Ordered 20.

Well I have to say as a BPF or something for 10 Mhz they are lousy. BUT
then how could they be when they are a pretty flat transformer from 40 KHz
to 17 MHz! Take that Mini-Circuits. (Only in jest) Yes there are some lumps
and bumps in that pass band But not large maybe 1-1.3db I need to get much
more accurate. But now I have a nice transformer that can work at WWVB 60
Khz as well as with frequency distribution.
They come in a dip foot print and 2 X to a package.
I have more to check because to good to be true almost always is. At least
for me.

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