[time-nuts] Cheap 5370A on eBay

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Sat Dec 20 03:12:26 EST 2014

In message <BLU170-W651E405EA49CC0FE9E42D0CE680 at phx.gbl>, Mark Sims writes:

>I believe there are 5370 ROM dumps on KO4BB.COM   

They're also in the BBB-5370 repos.

>I few years back i posted on this forum how  I restored a 5370A
>that had a missing ROM board by installing an EEPROM into the empty
>socket on the CPU board.  I did have to jumper a couple  of address
>lines to the EEPROM and perhaps tweak the data buffer enable signal...
>it's been a while.  The 5370A normally uses a separate ROM  board
>containing the firmware in several ROM chips.  I read out those
>chips from a good machine and merged the data into a single EPROM.

One detail to be aware of if you do this, is that the HP5370 uses
inverters as address line buffers.

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