[time-nuts] DeLorme Tripmate GPS receiver

ed breya eb at telight.com
Sun Dec 21 23:43:43 EST 2014

I peeled open the shield can without too much deformation, so it can 
be restored. I found that it's a single board, with the DSP on one 
side, and the RF section on the other. It is a Rockwell chipset, with 
11577-11 DSP, and 6732-13 RF. On searching I found that this seems to 
be called their Jupiter GPS from circa late 1990s - I found quite a 
lot of info at the module level, but not for the actual ICs, like 
pinout data. The set includes all the usual GPS stuff including 1 
PPS, and is capable of several levels of on-ness. So, if the uP that 
makes it a DeLorme merely sets some control lines to activate it, 
then I should be able to override them to force it always on - if I 
can figure them out. If instead the uP programs something internal to 
the DSP to control power states, then fuggetabout it - it will be junk.

So, does anyone know of the Jupiter chipset, and where to find 
chip-level info for these parts?


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