[time-nuts] DeLorme Tripmate GPS receiver

ed breya eb at telight.com
Mon Dec 22 02:07:01 EST 2014

One thing I want to clarify - it is not a Jupiter GPS module - it 
just uses the chipset, presumably hooked up as in the application 
info. The board is proprietary, and there seems to be no standard 
electrical or operational interface as would be expected in an OEM 
GPS module. So, the only way to figure it out is to go by the chip 
details to see how it's supposed to work.

previous message:

I peeled open the shield can without too much deformation, so it can 
be restored. I found that it's a single board, with the DSP on one 
side, and the RF section on the other. It is a Rockwell chipset, with 
11577-11 DSP, and 6732-13 RF. On searching I found that this seems to 
be called their Jupiter GPS from circa late 1990s - I found quite a 
lot of info at the module level, but not for the actual ICs, like 
pinout data. The set includes all the usual GPS stuff including 1 
PPS, and is capable of several levels of on-ness. So, if the uP that 
makes it a DeLorme merely sets some control lines to activate it, 
then I should be able to override them to force it always on - if I 
can figure them out. If instead the uP programs something internal to 
the DSP to control power states, then fuggetabout it - it will be junk.

So, does anyone know of the Jupiter chipset, and where to find 
chip-level info for these parts?


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