[time-nuts] Soekris without a GPS receiver.

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Sun Dec 28 02:16:50 EST 2014

From: Paul

Did you replace the crystal?

> I would now like to get NTPns working with that more precise timing which
> is available, but as I don't have an Oncore or a DCF77 receiver I am 
> stuck.

I suspect you'd need to ask PHK.  NTPns supports pps-api and it supposrts
ntpv4 as a time source so there's hope but the a quick look at the driver
specifics suggests  that pps may not work without one of the two device
sources working.  I don't think you need an Oncore but you would need a
minimum set of Motorola binary messages.  Maybe you have a compatible
Synergy device?

No, I haven't replaced the crystal.  I was hoping to see how well it worked 
without.  Would it work any better than the Raspberry Pi cards I am using 
today (which seem considerably worse with the new tickless kernel than the 
self-compiled non-tickless one I was using before)?  Would it work better 
than a server running Linux?  The net4501 had a good reputation in its time.

The non-standard implementation of NTPns is putting me off.  I can't use the 
management tools I know and appreciate.  No, I don't have Motorola binary 
messages to hand, just standard NMEA.  The NTPns is version 7.4, I believe.

Thanks to Mike to his observations on the driver - using stock NTP would be 
easier except that as a Windows person I would be lost (or very slow and 
incompetent) at building a NanoBSD image myself).

I was gifted the 4501, but I feel I may just gift it to someone who is 

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