[time-nuts] Does anyone have a good pointer...

Kenton A. Hoover kenton at nemersonhoover.org
Thu Jul 3 21:53:23 EDT 2014

...to an "application note" on battery monitoring/charging circuits for lithium batteries?   

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>> That sounds complicated and messy but may be easier than it appears.  An appropriate container would be:



> It does sound messy. I don't think I'm willing to dunk one of my units.

This reminds me of the old Cray-2 super computer.  The entire machine

about a half dozen racks were flooded with Fluorinert.  This is a

coolant made by 3M.  It looks like water but is inert.  It's a

fluorocarbon.     Cray placed a 1980's vintage mainframe computer in

was was basically an aquarium full of the fluorinert and then pumped

the  fluorinert through heat exchanger that used chilled water.  Cray

place windows on the computer to show off the liquid emersion cooling

system and some places had little plastic toy fish in their tanks.

Chris Albertson

Redondo Beach, California


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