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Dave Thompson dth854 at airmail.net
Tue Jul 8 17:14:27 EDT 2014

Some of the broadcast oscilators for TV transmitters were pricey. The oscilator manufacture wanted $980 to replace a bad unit. The transmitter manufacture wanted $1800 for the same unit. 

They are not true Time Nut quality but I've used them as a reality check when trying to figure out what is drifting. It has also been used as an example of a vey low noise oscilator. 

Check it out and see if it drifts to much for your precision use. 

Dave T

On Jul 8, 2014, at 12:26, Dan Kemppainen <dan at irtelemetrics.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> Was looking through my basement the other evening, and ran across an
> OCXO I have laying on the bench. I was wondering if any of you may have
> information regarding this unit, or have used it in the past.
> It's an Pti XO5009. It cam from a Harris TV transmitter exciter. I
> believe it was the main frequency reference in the whole cabinet, as
> there were no other oscillators. Just wondering if it's worth hanging on
> to for a time project, or if it's an old out dated clunker...'
> Also, I have a bunch of the 1KW solid state amp modules from said
> transmitter, if any one needs them! :)
> Thanks,
> Dan
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