[time-nuts] WWVB remod instant cheap clock receiver

paul swed paulswedb at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 12:16:02 EDT 2014

OK its been a bit hard finding the little wwvb receiver kits the last few
While in costco for sub $18 Lacrosse sells a multi color LCD clock.
Welllll you just know what happened next.

The clock as a wwvb receiver works great however if you read the reviews
there is a issue with the battery backup.
It doesn't work. Mine does so who knows and I don't really care.

There is a clock module in the unit and it works nicely. See attached pix
V = 3V in
P2 = control ground=on
T = data high=low carrier compatible with the remod as is no inverter
G = ground

To get inside to recover the module.
Remove the glass screen its stuck on. Gently pry off.
There are 4 screws one in each corner.
You could simply tap the module out and use it or feed the data back into
the clock. Lots of options.
But my only goal is a source of clock modules for time-nuts that does not
require a microscope to solder.

By keeping the loopstick you can wrap 10 turns of wire around the end and
feed a larger active antenna to it as a tuned stage.
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