[time-nuts] CW12-TIM

Shane Morris edgecomberts at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 02:29:33 EDT 2014

Hello Time Nuts (and Time Lords!),

This is my first real post here, and I understand fully, I am but a
grasshopper when it comes to some of the messages I have seen on the list.

I am needing a GPS source of precise time, in three flavours - 10MHz (or
so), 1PPS, and ethernet NTP. In the beginning, the NTP will be most
important, and as time goes on, I'll need the 1PPS signal.

For my clock, I was wanting to use a Timesync CW12-TIM module, set it to
10MHz, and attach its serial output to an Arduino (or similar) with
ethernet capabilities to provide the NTP packets to the network.

If a static CW12-TIM ethernet clock could be made, I would be willing to
try my hand at mounting them to mobile robots, again, for synchronised
timing of events.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this project?

Many thanks!


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