[time-nuts] CW12-TIM

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sat Jul 12 03:50:21 EDT 2014

edgecomberts at gmail.com said:
> I am needing a GPS source of precise time, in three flavours - 10MHz (or
> so), 1PPS, and ethernet NTP. In the beginning, the NTP will be most
> important, and as time goes on, I'll need the 1PPS signal. 
> If a static CW12-TIM ethernet clock could be made, I would be willing to try
> my hand at mounting them to mobile robots, again, for synchronised timing of
> events. 

I'm missing the big picture.  Are the robots the end target?  What are you 
going to do before that?

Do the robots have a network connection?  (maybe only WiFi to a local PC 
controlling them)

How accurately do the robots have to be synchronized?

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