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Shane Morris edgecomberts at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 04:57:49 EDT 2014


As much as I'd like to explain the "big picture" in list, it would make God
awful noise - if you wish to know any details, I encourage you to respond
to me off list. Given the fact that the robotics is so totally off topic,
I'm not willing to discuss them here. Thats only out of respect to the
topic of the list. The only real stipulations at this design part of the
project is 10MHz out, 1PPS out, and NTP out. Please don't think I'm being
narqy, I'm really not going to pollute the list with off topic chatter. I
am more than happy to discuss off list, as and when.


I was planning to use RaspberryPis in some part of the network, and of
course, I must be silly, they have ethernet, and can run Real Time Linux
(the LinuxCNC distros that have been made for control of CNC machines). By
the way, the whole network uses heterogeneous CPU types, I'm pretty
agnostic to CPU type, as long as it does the job I need it to. The actual
ethernet interface won't be as deterministic as we'd like, being chained to
the USB bus, but if one was not to put any other USB devices on, nor attach
anything that draws power, the USB performance would be good enough for
second accuracy NTP frames. This is without any real analysis of any spec
sheets, although I have this link:


Thats an interesting read in and of itself. An additional link is:


Which is a Mini ITX motherboard for RaspberryPi, which can then go nicely
into a 1RU case. Add LCDs and other bits and bobs as needed (I saw a nice
little LCD with an ATMega driver taking TTY strings in the ODROID Magazine
earlier today - it was meant for an ODROID, but it will work with anything
that'll output VT100 codes). Once in an 1RU case, it looks neat, and would
work just as well as a $500 NTP ethernet time source second hand off eBay,
if not much more configurable and hackable.

Many thanks for the thoughts!


On Sat, Jul 12, 2014 at 5:50 PM, Hal Murray <hmurray at megapathdsl.net> wrote:

> edgecomberts at gmail.com said:
> > I am needing a GPS source of precise time, in three flavours - 10MHz (or
> > so), 1PPS, and ethernet NTP. In the beginning, the NTP will be most
> > important, and as time goes on, I'll need the 1PPS signal.
> ...
> > If a static CW12-TIM ethernet clock could be made, I would be willing to
> try
> > my hand at mounting them to mobile robots, again, for synchronised
> timing of
> > events.
> I'm missing the big picture.  Are the robots the end target?  What are you
> going to do before that?
> Do the robots have a network connection?  (maybe only WiFi to a local PC
> controlling them)
> How accurately do the robots have to be synchronized?
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