[time-nuts] Setting Windows XP clock.

Ed Palmer ed_palmer at sasktel.net
Sat Jul 12 20:27:02 EDT 2014

You don't need an app.

1. Right click on the time display in the task bar.
2. Select 'Adjust Date/Time'.
3. Click on the 'Internet Time' tab.
4. Type in any server you want.  I suggest 'us.pool.ntp.org'.  This 
gives you access to a pool of servers so that if one is down or wrong, 
the next one will correct the error.

This isn't just for XP.  Any program or OS that accesses an NTP server 
by name can do this.  If you don't need the kind of precision or 
tracking that a full NTP client provides, using the server pool is 
probably the best way to go.


On 7/12/2014 5:29 PM, Max Robinson wrote:
> As some of you no doubt know microshaft has stopped supporting windows 
> XP. As part of this they have ceased to correct windows XP clocks.  
> This seams rather small of them as it can't possibly be any 
> inconvenience to them to continue to provide this service.
> I have a program on my old 98 box which runs my weather station 
> program.  On boot-up it contacts some place and corrects the system 
> clock.  I put it on that machine so long ago I don't remember where I 
> got it or who it contacts. Does anyone know of a program I can 
> download that will do the same for my XP box.  I have no intention of 
> upgrading until this box becomes absolutely un-operational.
> Regards.
> Max.  K 4 O DS.

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